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Is Travel In A Recessionary Economy Possible

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According to IATA (International Air Transport Association), there was a significant decline in the number of passengers in air travel over the past few months. In fact, Linda Brins from the public...

According to IATA (International Air Transport Association), there was a significant decline in the number of passengers in air travel over the past few months. In fact, Linda Brins from the public relations of IATA has already revealed some facts. Just this September, the percentage of passengers dropped by 4.4% as compared to August. A lot of manufacturers lost their confidence due to the sharp deterioration as reflected by the recession economy. It not only affected the US but also Europe and Japan. Because of the turmoil in the financial sector, particularly the bankruptcy of the Lehman Brothers, business travel was also affected.

travel in recessionRecession is still expected to deepen further after November, and even december as compared to last year. Because of this, more people will definitely hesitate to travel. If this will continue, the travel industry has no other choice but to lower their prices or rates. Air flights usually give big discounts at this time to reach out to customers. The holiday season is already here and some individuals will be traveling for the holidays. Most people love discounts and so there is a high chance for them to travel by plane especially if they can afford it.

It doesn’t end there. Aside from air travel, hotels are now offering discounts for accommodation. You see, people are hesitant to spend money but if they see a very interesting price offer for accommodation, they will surely grab the opportunity. Perhaps you’re already aware by now that customers or consumers always want to get a good deal for their money. If they can’t invest in a secured company, they will rather keep it in their closet or they will decide to travel.

Traveling is also considered as an investment, in fact, it is a priceless one. Why? When you travel to a foreign place, you will be able to meet new friends and gain new experiences. You will have a chance to explore a different world. If you love nature, you can go camping, hiking or trekking. This year, you can also indulge in your favorite winter sports. With fewer tourists and vacationers because of the recession, you will fully enjoy your vacation. You can travel alone, with your friends, or even with your family. Planning well in advance is a surefire way to save lots of money on your travel this year.

Look for an exciting place to travel; one that you can afford in terms of airfare, accommodations, etc. The internet is the best place to conduct your research. You can check out various travel agencies and air companies where you can take advantage of special discounts. Take your time and make sure that you do this several months before you want to travel. Traveling without solid plans will only cost you a lot and this is the last thing that you want to do especially if you want to protect your financial standing. You can’t go bankrupt as well.

If you have a good paying job and you have enough savings, perhaps you can still travel in some of the places that you want to go. If you travel two or more times in a year, perhaps you might want to reduce it to one. You need to maximize your savings and make sure that you don’t exhaust them. You must always be prepared so be very careful in planning your travel in a recessionary economy.

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