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Weekend Pacific Beach Experience

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It is always a nice treat to be away from the stressful hustle and bustle of the city life. Why not plan a quick trip with you and your family? How about with your...

It is always a nice treat to be away from the stressful hustle and bustle of the city life. Why not plan a quick trip with you and your family? How about with your friends? Or if not, how about planning a weekend getaway with your partner?

We all long to have a break from our busy schedules, right?! And a nice stroll along the beach can definitely ease all the pressures.

Bounded by the Pacific Ocean, the Northwest is the perfect place for a number of beach activities. Ocean beaches surrounding this region are wild and rugged which is perfect for storm watching, beachcombing, and kite flying.

So here are some nice suggestions for a great weekend beach experience:

Go visit Lone Ranch Beach in the Oregon Coast, four and half miles north of Brookings with its collection of sea stack, extending from the ocean and watch it amazingly change its color as the light, cloud and sun changes.

Along the beach shorelines you will find several picnic benches where you can enjoy a nice sit while watching the scenic beauty of the ocean. Enjoy watching sea lions or you can also feed seagulls. Have fun swimming and kite flying alongside the shoreline. There is absolutely something for everyone on this place.

Another suggested place would be at Cape Arago which is home to a number of marine creatures and visiting here is a great opportunity to watch these marine mammals live their lives. Discover attractive inter tidal life by tide pooling which is best done during low tides. While doing this you can also grab a picture of this panoramic view of marine life. It is highly recommended that you bring with you a partner during your explorations just in case you will encounter surprising challenges.

Further, explore in the cape sandy beaches and ragged cliffs, or you can also enjoy watching varieties of seals and sea lions on the offshore rocks. If you plan to visit on winter or early spring then you will get a chance to see great migrating gray whales.

It also offers great opportunities for fun-filled picnics, fishing, hiking and wildlife watching and it is definitely a great way to enjoy your weekend.

How about going on a beach trip in Sunset Beach? Sunset beach can also be found in the Oregon Coast. How to get here? It is 110 miles west of Portland, driving and taking on Highway 101 at sunset beach lane.

Ever tried kiteboarding before?

Ocean kiteboarding is a very popular activity in this area and it is considered to be an extreme sport. You can expect few obstructions and wide room for maneuvering. And you can also choose from kiteboarding, kite landboarding, kite-buggying to simple kite flying. It is one way of making your trip here really exciting.

Washington is also a nice place to go beach tripping. The ocean beaches here are basically split up into two areas, north and south, which is over 50 miles apart. South beaches are on the long stretched beach peninsula and are blessed with wide sandy beaches, unlike up in the northern part mostly are rugged and rocky. But nevertheless, both north and south are perfect spots for a beach break. Long beach peninsula is actually 26 miles long and claims to be the longest coastline in the world. Enjoy driving along the shoreline, catching a glimpse of its awesome beauty.

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